One Day Groups Gathering with Scott Boren

25 Jan , 2018  

small groups

This past weekend I had the pleasure and honor of hosting the One Day Groups Gathering event with author and consultant, Scott Boren, as the Keynote Speaker. There was an amazing download of content shared throughout the day and I wanted to share a quick snapshot through a handful of quotes. We had group leaders […]



Small Groups or Missional Communities? Or Both?

24 Apr , 2017  

grouping your church in the way of Jesus

Those who write about small groups—let’s call them “the experts” tend to talk about the way we group in either/or categories: “small groups” or “missional communities.” These are, of course, overly simplistic labels that I’m using here for the sake of being clear. I use them to describe the basic expectations of different grouping strategies. […]


Are You Getting the Results You Want from Your Small Groups?

4 Jan , 2017  

When we talk about our hopes and dreams for what we want to see in our small groups, we often speak of the kind of life experienced in the early church. We quote Acts 2:42-46, for instance, about how the early church met from house to house and how the believers devoted themselves to “the […]


The Small Group Journey, Not the Destination

28 Jun , 2016  

The Small Group Journey Not the Destination

While sitting with a pastor newly tasked with overseeing the development of groups, he asked, “Tell me about some churches where groups are working.” After we discussed a few of the most effective small group models, it became clear that he was seeking to find the right destination for his church. As we talked about […]


8 Practices of Great Small Group Leaders

4 Jan , 2016  

8 Practices of Great Small Group Leaders

Most of the time, when we think leading a small group or a missional community, we think in terms of techniques. We live in a world driven by techniques. If you have a problem, someone out there has a solution they’re willing to sell you. If you follow their secret knowledge, then you’ll get different […]



Review: Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus

23 Mar , 2015  

Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus - Boren

M. Scott Boren’s new book, “Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus,” is an essential addition to your small group library! I read and write a lot on the topics of small groups, discipleship, community and spiritual formation. I’m also in the trenches on a daily basis of applying these concepts within the local […]



6 Small Group Lessons from the Early Church

2 Jun , 2014  

6 Small Group Lessons from the Early Church

In my mid-20’s, I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia to begin a degree in New Testament studies and work under the direction of Gordon Fee, the author of the some of the best commentaries from the last fifty years. I had been working for a TOUCH Outreach Ministries, which promoted the Cell Church model and […]

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Four Ways of Religious Small Groups: Is There Another Option?

25 Nov , 2013  

Four Ways of Religious Small Groups. Is There Another Option?

When I first started my degree in New Testament studies, one of my first reading assignments focused on first century history. I read about four different contemporary movements of Jesus, each of which had a vision for bringing the Kingdom of God back to Israel. This historical work clarifies the nature of Jesus’ Kingdom vision […]



11 Small Group Strategies For Churches

11 Mar , 2013  

church small group strategies models

What small group strategy are you using? Which one fits your church vision the best? Sometimes the numerous options can feel overwhelming. When I got started in helping churches develop small groups 20 years ago, there were only two or three strategy options. Now the list is long to say the least. The following is […]

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