You Cannot Move Beyond Love

11 Jan , 2018  

small groups

“… if I do not have love, I am nothing.” (Paul, in his first letter to the church at Corinth) A person can love another to the extent that they have been loved. No. That’s not quite right. I think this is better stated as: A person can love another to the extend that they […]


The 59 One Anothers of the Bible

27 Jan , 2014  

59 one anothers in the Bible

There are 59 “one another” statements in the New Testament. That’s right, 59. That’s just under 60 exhortations in scripture to actually “do” something towards another person. These are behaviors we may do out of an overflow of our relationship with Jesus, but they are not things that we do solely unto Jesus. Other people […]



Making A Difference

13 Jan , 2014  

Making An Impact

Mike and Trish asked their small group what they could do as a group to serve together. The group decided that they wanted to help a mother and her daughter. The mom was a single mother with a 7 year old daughter who had attended the group a few times (she wasn’t there during this […]


The Magic Happens In-Between the Meetings

30 Dec , 2013  


Growing up in Las Vegas gave me the opportunity to see the famous magicians Siegfried and Roy. Even as a kid, I knew that it was all visual illusions and not some mystical powers, however, when they brought a live elephant out on stage a few feet away from me and made it disappear, all […]