A Simple Small Group Agenda

30 Jan , 2018  

small groups

This simple small group agenda is based on 7 principles from Acts 2:42-47, 5:42 and 6:7. The seven principles are as follows… House-to-house gatherings – smaller than the temple courts gatherings and an expression of hospitality. Devoted to the Apostles’ Doctrine – interacting with the Word of God in a communal setting. Devoted to Fellowship […]


3 Reasons To Value Conversational Settings

3 Jun , 2015  

conversational settings

In a content-driven information age culture, people can miss the value of sitting in a circle for the purpose of discussion. Most people don’t want to talk to a group of people or listen attentively to a handful of individuals. Others don’t care for either. Acts 2:42 informs us that the early church was not […]

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Blending Small Group Personalities

18 Aug , 2014  

“What do you do when a person…?” Dot, dot, dot. As Small Groups Pastor, what’s about to follow is a question about handling a certain type of personality during a small group meeting. Sometimes this dynamic can even be an excuse for a person NOT to host or lead a small group, but it doesn’t […]


3 Reasons To Repeat Your Small Group Questions

15 Jul , 2013  

3 Reasons To Repeat Questions

Small group leaders should approach the effective facilitation of a meeting as a craft to master. When someone is skilled at guiding an interactive discussion, their performance is more of an art than it is a technical process. One of the subtle tools in a group leader’s tool kit is the use of “repeating your […]