Is Your Discipleship Model For EVERYONE?

12 Jul , 2017  

Is Your Discipleship Model for Everyone

When my wife Camille was younger she had a mentor in a discipleship program that she was a part of.  His name was Richard Moore. At the time I am writing this, He is the President and CEO of the non-profit organization, Shoulder-to-Shoulder.  At the time my wife was in his discipleship program he went […]



Small Groups versus Sunday School?

1 Mar , 2016  

Small Groups versus Sunday school

If the goal is to teach the Word of God and apply the Great Commission and Great Commandment, does it matter if your people meet in a church classroom or living room? The debate over Sunday School versus Small Groups continues. Each side debates the merits of their system, while pointing out the “flaws” in […]



7 Reasons To Boycott Sunday School

23 Apr , 2013  

Over the years I’ve heard the phrases “small groups” and “cell groups” get thrown around a lot to describe different ministry activities. Many times I have attended “small groups” only to discover an undercover Sunday school class. Don’t get me wrong; Sunday school can be an effective ministry strategy. However, when I go to a […]


Killing the Competition that’s Killing Your Small Groups

7 Jan , 2013  

Killing the Competition that's Killing Your Small Groups Dean Deguara

I am a fierce competitor. I love to win and I hate to lose. I have the same passion to see victory emerging from small group life in our churches, but too often we do not take our competition seriously. Like an overweight and out of shape boxing champion overlooking a challenger who has trained […]

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