Appointed Not Recruited

8 Feb , 2018  

small groups

Leading a small group (or anything else in the church) comes out of an assignment or appointment from God. This is critical and foundational to Christian leadership. When someone recruits you to a job that you are not called to, it’s easy to throw in the towel when the going gets tough. Are you a […]


The Secret To Launching A New Small Group

12 Aug , 2013  

Secret To Launching A New Small Group

Whenever you’re starting something new it’s easy to begin to get overwhelmed with all the bases that need to be covered. Small Groups are no different. As I’m writing this, I am in the trenches of prepping our church for a fresh launch of Small Groups. This past weekend I trained a batch of new […]

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Great Idea To Develop New Small Group Leaders

8 Mar , 2013  

Eddie Mosely

Today I share a video with you from Eddie Mosely, a Small Group Pastor at Life Point Church in Tennessee. In the video he shares a great idea for developing new small group leaders through a staff-driven process. I prefer the lay-driven model, but one of the weaknesses of it is that it can be […]


One Shot At Recruiting Small Group Leaders

4 Mar , 2013  

Recruiting Small Group Leaders

One of the often heard confessions of a Small Group Director or Pastor (which includes Lead Pastors too) is, “I can’t find enough small group leaders.” I empathize with this statement and yet, silently wrestle with it as well. Why? I personally don’t believe leaders grow on trees. Therefore, I don’t believe they can be […]



What Do I Do If I Have No Assistant Leaders?

18 Jan , 2013  

Recruiting Volunteers

You’re a small group leader, people are coming over to your house for small group ministry, you have the vision to grow and multiply your group, BUT, you have no Assistant Leaders. I’ve been there before and I am constantly working with leaders who are there right now. This can make you feel like you’re […]

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5 Ways To Multiply A Small Group

10 Oct , 2012  

Multiplying small groups is an exciting aspect to small group ministry. When a leader and group is in the process of multiplying, it means God has already been doing great things and it also means He has something new and dynamic right around the corner. Today, I want to look at “5 Proven Strategies for […]

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Assistant Small Group Leader Testimony

20 Aug , 2012   Video

Below is a video testimony of one of my “former” assistant leaders. Josh and his wife Ashley assisted my wife and I with our Small Group for 3 months. They had already been a member of our small group for 3 months prior to becoming assistant leaders. This fall, they are multiplying with some of […]

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Guarantee That Somebody Shows Up

24 Jul , 2012  

empty chair

One of the most common and discouraging outcomes for a new small group is having nobody show up. You commit to becoming a small group leader. You put your info in the church communications. You plan out what you’re going to cover during the small group meeting. You clean the house. You put the snacks […]



Don’t Let The Fruit of Your Group Die

23 Jul , 2012  


As a lay person, aka volunteer, and small group leader you can’t lead your small group forever. Eventually a unique season will arise or you will feel a little tired and in need of a break. When this happens, you will need to end meeting as a small group, even if it’s temporary. What happens […]



The 1st Actionable Item

14 May , 2012  

When starting a small group it’s important to start with prayer. Always start with the spiritual component when it comes to transforming lives. After you’ve prepared yourself through prayer, there is one actionable item that many leaders skip over when starting a small group: Approaching a potential assistant leader or leaders. Before you decide where […]

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