Small Groups Starters KitIf you are new to small groups or this page is for you! More than likely, God has already been stirring your heart about making disciples in Biblical community or maybe He has called you to simply come alongside those who already are…whatever the case may be – God has awesome things in store for you with this endeavor!



Read through the articles below to start, launch, grow and multiply your small group…

  1. Begin With the End In Mind: Here’s what you need to start out on the right foot and maximize your group’s long-term potential.
  2. 4 Keys To Attracting An Apprentice: Find out how to appoint an Assistant Leader(s) and form a core leadership team for your small group.
  3. Stay On Track With A 3-Month Small Group Plan: All the questions you need to answer to setup your small group for success.
  4. Your 1st Meeting With Your New Apprentice: Use these ideas when you begin meeting with your Assistant Leader(s) and create momentum before your group ever has it’s first session.
  5. 5 Steps To Effective INVITES: Follow these best practices to invite new people and see your group filled with first-time guests.
  6. Creating An Irresistible Small Group Environment: Learn everything you need to know to have a warm and welcoming destination for group members.
  7. 5 Facets of Facilitating With Finesse: Master these skills and you can master the art of facilitating a small group discussion.
  8. The Magic Happens In-Between the Meetings: Discover the secrets to transforming your small group into an organic community.
  9. 5 Ways To Multiply A Small Group: How to multiply the influence of your group and exponentially increase it’s impact for the Kingdom.





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