Rick Warren Trains Group Hosts to Anoint with Oil

Posted By: Andrew Mason


Recently at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren trained all of his small group hosts at a Host Gathering how to anoint with oil and pray the prayer of faith. This was to prepare for an upcoming weekend message, “Learn How to Live an Anointed Life.” The group hosts were going to be assigned to prayer stations after each weekend service to anoint church attendees with oil and pray a prayer of faith.

The video displayed above is NOT the group host training. The video above is the weekend message Pastor Rick taught. To find the Group Host Anointing Training CLICK HERE (if this link doesn’t bring up the page in your web browser I recommend trying Google Chrome instead).

Rick Warren Anointing TrainingIn the Group Host Training he taught on Anointing Oil in the Bible and how oil was used Six Different Ways:

  1.  Oil was used to prepare food and became a symbol of nourishment
  2. Oil was used to light lamps. There was no gasoline or kerosene. You lit your home with oil. Oil became a symbol of guidance
  3. Oil was cosmetic. Oil softened dry skin in a dry climate where people didn’t shower everyday. Oil came to represent comfort and prosperity.
  4. Oil was a means of refreshment. When receiving a guest in their house and they would massage their feet with olive oil. They might also put it on their head and hair.
  5. Oil was used for medical treatment. Oil was a soothing salve for an open wound (Luke 10, Good Samaritan).
  6. Oil was used for burials. Oil and spices was a symbol of respect that you would place on a person’s body for burial.

He also taught on how oil was a symbol of sacredness. Everything in the temple was anointed with oil. Builders who built the temple were anointed with oil. God’s chosen priests, prophets and kings were anointed with oil. There was nothing magical about the oil itself, it was just an outward sign of God’s approval and commissioning.

He then gave them direction on how to anoint person with oil and pray a prayer of faith for them based on their prayer request. People could receive prayer for healing in their physical body, their emotions, their relationships and their finances. This NT practice comes from James 5:14-16.

Now, this activity was performed at the end of their weekend services, not their small groups. I found it noteworthy that the group hosts were chosen as the instrument to minister this biblical practice. I do believe it opens the opportunity for this practice to happen in home group settings as well down the road and I believe the training that was given is transferrable for a group setting as well.

What if all of our group hosts were equipped and empowered to pray for healing for people in their small groups? Would this increase the opportunity for God to release more miracles in the lives of His people? I personally believe a mindset such as this can build a culture of Presence-driven group life.

What do you think? Share your comments, thoughts, questions or feedback below…

Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason is the Small Groups Pastor of Real Life Church, a family of churches in the Nor. CA region. He oversees Small Groups and Assimilation. He is Founder of SmallGroupChurches.com, an online community of leaders dedicated to growing churches one small group at a time. Andrew resides in Sacramento, CA with his wife Camille and their two sons.

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