25 Small Group Quotes from “The Lobby” SoCal 2017

9 Mar , 2017  

25 Small Group Quotes from “The Lobby” SoCal 2017

The largest global network of small group ministry leaders, the “Small Group Network,” annually hosts “The Lobby” small group conference in Southern California. Here are the top 25 quotes from this amazing week… People join a small group for content, but they stay for the relationships. – Rick Warren You can’t microwave a great small […]


Following-Up by Bill Search

23 Feb , 2017   Video

“Did you know that great groups die after their first meeting? You can have a wonderful meeting with people and then… The group just sort of disbands.” – Bill Search Bill Search is the Life Groups and Ministry Lead Pastor at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin. In this video he shares proven strategies in the […]


Group Studies

A Life of Worship Group Study

10 Feb , 2017   Video

If you haven’t heard of A Life of Worship you are missing out! This dynamic group resource can shift the spiritual climate of a small group with it’s passion for worship. Even if your group isn’t strong in the area of seeking God together, A Life of Worship can accelerate their faith and hunger with it’s […]



Francis Chan: Thinking Kingdom First

30 Jan , 2017   Video

Francis Chan delivers powerful truth in regards to living on mission. These are relevant thoughts for disciple-makers offering their homes and extending their personal resources for the Gospel. I invite you to watch the whole video. Here are a few highlighted scriptures and quotes that stood out to me from the content… “What I mean, […]


Youth in Cell Ministry by Joel Comiskey

26 Jan , 2017  

Youth in Cell Ministry

Joel Comiskey has done it again… Youth in Cell Ministry: Discipling the Next Generation has tackled a common series of questions that arise in the context of small groups but are often under-resourced in the world of Christian publishing. This book is as well-thought-out, as it is needed. I’ll share my own personal reasons for […]


Three Ideas to Engage Your Lead Pastor as the Groups Champion

19 Jan , 2017  

3 Ideas to Engage Your Lead Pastor as the Groups Champion

As an Associate Pastor who has oversight of small groups at my church, I see a large part of my responsibility as assisting the Lead Pastor to be at the center of our discipleship strategy. This is more of an art than a science, because the Lead Pastor has many demands on their schedule that […]



Three Realities for Lead Pastors and Small Groups

11 Jan , 2017  

Three Realities for Lead Pastors and Small Groups

It is a pleasant fiction to think that a small group ministry can soar in a church by delegating all of the responsibility to an Associate Pastor. A similar line of reasoning would contend that the Lead Pastor doesn’t need to worship because they have hired a worship leader to do that. Of course, nobody […]


Are You Getting the Results You Want from Your Small Groups?

4 Jan , 2017  

When we talk about our hopes and dreams for what we want to see in our small groups, we often speak of the kind of life experienced in the early church. We quote Acts 2:42-46, for instance, about how the early church met from house to house and how the believers devoted themselves to “the […]


Top 10 SGC Contributor Articles of 2016

21 Dec , 2016  

Top 10 SCG Contributor Articles of 2016

As we march towards 2017, I want to share some highlights from the past year in the next few posts. To get things started, I want to reveal the Top 10 SGC Articles of 2016. Our contributors are high-level leaders, gurus, writers and friends. SGC wouldn’t be what it is without them. To learn more about our […]


Overcoming Offense at the Table

28 Nov , 2016  

Overcoming Offense at the Table

Jesus stated that one of the signs of the end times would be the exponential increase of “offense.” Not only can this poison unbelievers, it also threatens the health of the church as well. If Christ-followers aren’t knitted together in the opposite fashion of worldly individualism, they too will be ill equipped to navigate the […]