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Posted By: Andrew Mason

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As we begin our 2nd year of online existence we are grateful for how the site has grown and we are also excited for what the future has in store. We are working on continuing to expand our our ability to be a helpful resource to you as a Small Group Leader and Pastor.

I go into more detail in the video below about some of the different resources that are already available and will be available in the near future.

Andrew Mason is the Small Groups Pastor of Real Life Church, a family of churches in the Nor. CA region. He oversees Small Groups and Assimilation. He is Founder of, an online community of leaders dedicated to growing churches one small group at a time. Andrew resides in Sacramento, CA with his wife Camille and their two sons.

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  1. Derek Olson says:

    Totally digging all of the awesome new features on SCG!! So great to learn from so many different small group pastors & leaders! And I LUV the video in the car – keep em coming!!Cool

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