Knowing Jesus – Part 1 and 2

Posted By: Andrew Mason

Knowing Jesus - Gospel of John


In the Gospel of John we are presented with evidence that Jesus is the Messiah. In this small group series each outline focuses on an aspect of Jesus’ deity presented in John. As I’m writing this I am also using it for my small group as well so consider it field tested.


This will not be a comprehensive study but rather a 7-part study. Parts 1 and 2 are available to download right away and each future installment will be added in the weeks to come. Click on the links below to download for free…


 Knowing Jesus (The Gospel of John)

Part 1: Jesus Is The Word

Part 2: Jesus is the Lamb of God

Part 4: Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

Part 4: Jesus Satisfies

Part 5: Jesus is the Son of God

Part 6: Jesus is the Bread of Life

Part 7: Jesus is the Light of the World

Part 8: Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Part 9: TBA

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  1. Derek Olson says:

    These are great studies! Thanx 4 the resources!Surprised

  2. Andrew Mason says:

    The links for Part 3 and Part 4 have been added above…

  3. Andrew Mason says:

    The link for Part 5 has been added in the original post…

  4. Andrew Mason says:

    The link for Part 6 has been added above…

  5. Derek Olson says:

    Thanx for continuing to supply us with field tested small group studies!!Kiss

  6. Andrew Mason says:

    Derek Olson said
    Thanx for continuing to supply us with field tested small group studies!!Kiss

    You’re welcome!


    Part 7 has been added above to the original post…

  7. Andrew Mason says:

    Part 8 has been added to the original post above…

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