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As a small group leader it is very helpful to keep good records when it comes to contact info and attendance. Keeping information current can help you communicate with your group effectively as well see who is faithful and who may be dropping off.

As a small groups pastor, I provide all of my small group leaders with a binder to organize all of their small group info. The binder has a calendar, an overview of our small group ministry structure and leadership requirements, training and sheets for good record keeping. Half way through each small group term (12-14 weeks) I have a Small Group Leader’s meeting for every small group leader where they turn in their contact info sheets and attendance sheets. During the meeting, we make copies of the sheets and we hand them back to them by the end of the meeting. We then take that info and input it into our database (I’m sure there are better ways to do this with the internet, but for now, this works for us).

The contact info sheet is important because it allows you to capture the necessary data to stay in touch with your group members. In my small group, we pass this sheet around at the first small group meeting of a new term for everyone to fill out. In the future meetings we make sure each guest has a chance to fill it out as well. As a small group leader myself, I take the info from the sheet and enter it into my computer’s address book which allows me to quickly send out group emails to everyone with a single click (meaning, I don’t have to manually enter each email address when sending an email). This is also important for our church database as it allows us to double-check our info and sometimes add people we didn’t have yet. When we get a phone call that a certain person is in the hospital or experiencing a personal crisis, we can check our database to see if they’re associated with a small group. If they are, we can mobilize the small group into compassion action.

The three month attendance sheet becomes a good evaluation tool for a small group leader. It’s also good for the group members to fill out each time they attend. It’s been said, “People don’t do what’s expected of them, they do what’s inspected of them.” If a person knows their attendance is being tracked, they may be more motivated to show up. The sheet will allow a small group leader to see who has been faithful in attending (faithful attenders are potential future assistant leaders) as well as spot people who are missing and need some extra follow-up and care.

As stated before, maintaining good records on your group will allow you to lead efficiently and responsibly. I’ve made a simple contact info sheet and the three month attendance sheet available to download for free. Click on the links above each image to download…

Click Here To Download Small Group Contact Info Sheet for free…

Small Group Contact Info Sheet

Click Here To Download 3-Month Attendance Sheet

3 Month Attendance Record


Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason is the Small Groups Pastor of Real Life Church, a family of churches in the Nor. CA region. He oversees Small Groups and Assimilation. He is Founder of, an online community of leaders dedicated to growing churches one small group at a time. Andrew resides in Sacramento, CA with his wife Camille and their two sons.


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