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  • Andrew Mason : Have a great weekend!
  • Andrew Mason : pastordonny, you have come to the right place. You're step of faith is admirable. Let us know how we can help :)
  • pastordonny : We are a church of about 150.... the church is over 30 years old.... we have been "informational" and not at all relational... I will be launching small groups in Sept...I feel totally un-prepared! LOL
  • Andrew Mason : Have a great week!
  • Andrew Mason : Glad we can be of help Mariou!
  • Marlou : Thanks very much for this website. It helps me a lot. God bless you always!!!
  • Andrew Mason : Have a great week!
  • Andrew Mason : Looking forward to being with the group leaders of Calvary Community Church in Manteca, CA tonight!
  • Andrew Mason : Lol, welcome back Nicki :)
  • nicki : aloha saints--back from Corinth, and all is fine !
  • Andrew Mason : As you can see, we are in the process of redesigning our site. We are transitioning it to a more mobile responsive theme. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • Derek Olson : Excited about all the great new content here on SGC!!
  • Andrew Mason : Have a great week!
  • Andrew Mason : Just had a newborn baby boy. Been pre-occupied if you can imagine, looking forward to bringing more fresh content next week.
  • aye : thanks and God bless
  • aye : i am a new member to this site,i just want to ask for suggestions regarding youth activities
  • aye : hi to everyone
  • Andrew Mason : Have a great week!
  • Andrew Mason : Make sure to take advantage of the SGC promo code from Jesus Culture for their new group series, "The Emerging Leader." See the blog post for details...
  • nicki : I am thankful for all of you !!!
  • Vanderbloemen Sear : New Associate Pastor Position! Check it out and apply! «link»
  • Andrew Mason : Tammy, created a forum topic for you with your question in the Church Lobby forum.
  • tammybuchnoff : We came across a small groups or church video to "Happy" and loved the idea! and now can't find it, Help! email me at «email» if you know how to find it. Thanks a bunch!
  • Andrew Mason : Happy Monday!
  • nicki : Prayer & Peace; have a blessed week
  • Andrew Mason : Have a blessed week!
  • nicki : And to you also mason-and all !!!
  • nicki : Your grace "IS" sufficient Lord !!!
  • nicki : aloha & have a blessed weekend disciples.
  • Andrew Mason : Lol! Of course he loves the 49ers! :)
  • nicki : God loves the 49ers too! God Bless you all,
  • Derek Olson : Great new video!
  • nicki : God, Family, Brethren, Country-hope you all are enjoying the 4th
  • Andrew Mason : Amen!
  • nicki : His name "IS" JESUS, amen ?

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