Fully Developed Disciples

4 Dec , 2017  

Fully developed disciples

“You’re always doing curls for the girls.” When I was a high school football player, that is something we would say to a teammate in the weight room in jest. The comment was for a guy who was consistent with his arm curl weightlifting routine but not-so consistent with his lower body and legs exercises. […]


Now Hiring: Discipleship Entrepreneurs

9 Nov , 2017  

Discipleship Entrepreneurs, Small Groups

Dear Church Leader, If discipleship is boring to you it will be boring to those following your leadership. While nobody would openly confess this to be the case in their own context, it is an all too common occurrence in our modern church era. This is an unfortunate outcome given Jesus’ charge in Matthew 28:19 […]


3 Strategies for Kingdom Networking

28 Sep , 2017  

Having a specific strategy when it comes to networking can immediately add value to our kingdom assignment. Without a strategy, though, you could find yourself wandering around aimlessly. First off, I want to say that I personally believe that I can learn something from anybody. Anyone can sharpen me and help me grow. I try to maintain a diversity of backgrounds in my networking to keep my perspective well-rounded and balance. With that in mind, I also use some guidelines when I’m trying to network for ministry growth. Here are few attributes I keep in mind when I’m trying to see my small group ministry breakthrough to another level… Church and Groups Ministry Size. I look for churches and small group ministries that are one step ahead of me in numerical size. As I said before, I believe I can learn from smaller ministries and larger ministries, but I find it really helpful to glean from a ministry that has broken through to next level that I’m currently reaching for. Sometimes there can be a tendency to only look to the largest churches for answers to our ministry questions. However, if I’m a groups pastor of 100 groups in a church of 1000 people, I believe I can learn more from a church of 1500-2000 people with 150-200 groups than I can from a church of 10,000 people with a 1000 groups. Why do I believe that? The church of 1500-2000 people is at the next level of numerical growth that I am specifically reaching for. If I can compare their leadership infrastructure, their equipping tactics and their level of excellence to our own ministry at my church, hopefully I can find some practical ideas that will help us increase our own kingdom potential. Small Group Ministry Model. There about 10 different small group ministry models that churches use. Understanding the certain groups model a church has chosen in comparison to the groups model my church is using is a very important piece of information. It doesn’t need to be an identical model to our own necessarily, but I need to understand the similarities and differences. In some cases, it can be helpful to learn from a similar model in order to refine our current approach. In other situations, I might need to consider different models that would allow me to consider making necessary changes to what we’re doing. Cultural Context. I also look for church leaders to network with that are working in a similar cultural context as I am. I work in a large city and highly populated region where people are busy. A lot of my church members commute to work 1-2 hours every day. Keeping that in mind, there are some ministry strategies that might work in a different cultural context that might not work in my own. Church and small group size, ministry models and cultural context are dynamics I keep in mind when I do strategic kingdom networking.

Having a specific strategy when it comes to networking can immediately add value to our kingdom assignment. Without a strategy, though, you could find yourself wandering around aimlessly. First off, I want to say that I personally believe that I can learn something from anybody. Anyone can sharpen me and help me grow. I try […]


Strategic Kingdom Networking

1 Sep , 2017  

strategic kingdom networking

Your network could be the key to your next harvest. Do you have a barrier that your groups ministry keeps hitting? Is there a specific problem that you’re having trouble solving? Have you leveraged your network in response to the resistance you’re experiencing? In Luke 5:1-6, Peter and his fellow fishermen had been working hard […]


12 Keys to an Effective H.O.S.T. ASK

27 Jul , 2017  

12 Keys to an Effective H.O.S.T. ASK

The H.O.S.T. Ask can be a “game-changer call-to-action” for churches desiring to connect every person in their local body in biblical community. It’s a signature move reserved only for the Lead Pastor during a weekend service. If executed strategically, it can draw in willing vessels who are hidden in crowd. This one move can supercharge […]


Is Your Discipleship Model For EVERYONE?

12 Jul , 2017  

Is Your Discipleship Model for Everyone

When my wife Camille was younger she had a mentor in a discipleship program that she was a part of.  His name was Richard Moore. At the time I am writing this, He is the President and CEO of the non-profit organization, Shoulder-to-Shoulder.  At the time my wife was in his discipleship program he went […]



3 Tips When Launching Interest Based Small Groups 

22 Jun , 2017  

Launching Interest-based Groups

God is so creative in how he made the human race to be so diverse! Different nationalities, unique languages, beautiful skin colors and various interests! Here are 3 tips when launching interest based groups… #1. Recruit leaders with an Appeal to their Interests  It’s crazy how two complete and total strangers who have never met […]


Rick Warren Trains Group Hosts to Anoint with Oil

10 Jun , 2017   Video

Recently at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren trained all of his small group hosts at a Host Gathering how to anoint with oil and pray the prayer of faith. This was to prepare for an upcoming weekend message, “Learn How to Live an Anointed Life.” The group hosts were going to be assigned to prayer […]


Three Dimensions of Flourishing Faith

1 Jun , 2017  

three dimensions of flourishing faith

Group Hosts engaged in the process of disciple making, must see themselves as spiritual anthropologists. They must be observing the people in their group with a prayerful disposition in order to be a catalyst for others’ faith to flourish. Consider the wisdom offered to shepherds in Proverbs 27:23 (NIV), “Be sure you know the condition […]

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Bill Donahue: We Don’t Need Any More Small Group Bible Studies

26 May , 2017   Video

I had the honor of meeting Dr. Bill Donahue at a leadership event at my church. This video clip about small groups is from that night… Dr. Bill Donahue, Ph.D., is a speaker, author and leadership consultant. A graduate of Princeton University, Bill also holds a Ph.D. in Adult Learning from the University of North […]