Groups Language That’s Running Out of Time

10 Feb , 2016  

Groups Language That's Running Out of Time

Language matters in small group ministry. Changing your language can remove invisible obstacles in peoples’ minds. Having the right language can accelerate a person’s decision-making process in the right direction. I learned this early on as young youth pastor running small groups. For example, encouraging our youth ministry small groups to multiply into more groups […]

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Wonderlife by Mike Foster

4 Feb , 2016   Video

Wonderlife by Mike Foster and People of the Second Chance is a triumphant sequel to Freeway. While matching the same creative, relevant and artistic design of Freeway, Wonderlife continues past the journey of Freedom and into the “what’s next?” space of mission and calling. Wonderlife is the Not-So-Perfect Guide to Who You Are and Why […]


A Successful Small Group Leaders Retreat… Guaranteed!

27 Jan , 2016  

A Successful Small Group Leaders Retreat

Your church’s group leaders must know and embrace the same vision, have some common experiences, share a common language, and be well equipped to accomplish small group ministry. The question isn’t, “Is this important?”. The question is, “In what setting and when can a group pastor make this happen?” I’d suggest every group pastor do […]


Children in Cell Ministry by Joel Comiskey

21 Jan , 2016  

Children In Cell ministry by Joel Comiskey

When I heard Joel Comiskey was writing Children in Cell Ministry I was very excited to dive into a book that was entirely devoted to this topic. One of the most frequently asked questions about small groups from pastors, leaders and church members is, “What about children?” What’s surprising is that most small group material […]



Winning With Accountability

11 Jan , 2016  


Spiritual development requires honest and helpful accountability. Most of us, however, have difficulty developing this vulnerable spiritual habit. Pride, guilt, and shame, accompanied by our tendency to avoid conflict, inhibit our ability to develop meaningful accountability. Like anything else of great value, accountability is worth the effort required to develop it. I believe a redefining […]


8 Practices of Great Small Group Leaders

4 Jan , 2016  

8 Practices of Great Small Group Leaders

Most of the time, when we think leading a small group or a missional community, we think in terms of techniques. We live in a world driven by techniques. If you have a problem, someone out there has a solution they’re willing to sell you. If you follow their secret knowledge, then you’ll get different […]


Chad Veach: Youth Ministry Small Groups

28 Dec , 2015   Video

Chad Veach is the pastor of Zoe Church in Los Angeles, CA and has also been a popular youth and young adults speaker. He has some great thoughts in this video on small groups in the context of youth ministry. Here were some of my takeaways: “When people get saved in your church, what is […]


Top SGC Book Reviews of 2015

21 Dec , 2015  

2015 Book Reviews

Below are the top SGC reviews of small group related books that came out in 2015. Just recently we compiled a list of the top group study reviews for 2015, but this list is for books that help us to grow in learning more about small groups and how to do them. Not only are […]


My Top 7 Blogs from 2015

17 Dec , 2015  

My Top 7 2015 Blog Posts

I love blogging. As far as rankings, it is slowly competing with preaching, but hasn’t quite got that beat yet. Blogging helps me to better understand what I am learning and captures it for an accessible digital record. If you’re a pastor and leader and haven’t started blogging yet, I encourage you to jump in […]

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Top 2015 Group Study Reviews

14 Dec , 2015  

2015 Group Study Reviews

Throughout the year I have the honor of receiving and digging into the best and newest small group curriculum available on the market. I get curriculum from publishers, from special events and from friends. Every time I receive new content I charge myself to do a thorough job of looking through it and providing an […]