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Video: Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus by Scott Boren

26 Jan , 2015  

Leading Small Groups In the Way of Jesus Scott Boren

I just got into my hands Scott Boren’s brand new book, Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus. We will have a full in-depth article review of the book here on SGC in the coming days, but I thought I’d throw up a quick video here and give you a sneak peek at it. […]


You Can Develop a Leader In Your Small Group!

7 Jan , 2015  


Developing A Leader Isn’t An Option! Moses, one of God’s champion leaders, prioritized the development of leaders. That priority was significant for the young nation of Israel, as Moses died just before leading them into the promised land. Moses’ investment into developing Joshua as a leader was a key component of Israel’s success.   Like […]


3 Trends that Break IN-to Biblical Community

16 Dec , 2014  


Why do small groups or cell groups flourish in churches overseas, but sometimes struggle in the American church? In churches outside of the U.S., a groups ministry can be the growth engine of a church compared to a strategy to simply “close the backdoor” here in America. Many have concluded that small groups just don’t […]


The Emerging Leader by Jesus Culture

2 Dec , 2014  

The Emerging Leader by Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture has produced a video-driven, four week group series entitled, “The Emerging Leader: Fruit That Remains.” The curriculum consists of four user-friendly handouts with scripture and group discussion questions alongside four clips of a dynamic message from Banning Liebscher. First off, it’s a huge benefit to have a four week group series to consider. […]


Making Disciples & The Fast Lane

10 Nov , 2014  


Is it really faster in the fast lane? Jesus tells us to love everyone. The Late-Merger makes this a significant challenge for me. You have probably experienced the late-merger yourself.  Let’s say you are driving down a two lane highway and see a sign telling you to merge due to traffic being reduced to one […]


Creating A Small Group Curriculum Map

3 Nov , 2014  


One of the most common questions I get as a small groups pastor is, “What should we study next?” It’s a good question, rooted in a group leader wanting to find the most helpful, engaging, relevant study that will help his/her group grow. He wants his group to love his choice. She wants her group […]


Designing Your Small Group Ministry Model

27 Oct , 2014  


One of the initial steps to take in order to launch (or re-launch) a small groups ministry, is to design and define your groups model. Paying close attention to this step will reduce confusion, attract the right leaders and filter out peoples’ personal agendas and/or past experiences. There are roughly ten or so different small […]


Six Practical Musts for an Effective Small Group Minstry

20 Oct , 2014  

six practical musts for effective ministry

I continue to hear of churches who are stating, “Small groups don’t work.” As I thought about that I realized there are six consistent musts every church should do if they are going to have an effective small group ministry. Choose the right person to spearhead the small group ministry. The individual spearheading a small […]


4 Things You Should Ask God to Do in Your Small Group this Year

14 Oct , 2014  

prayer leaders

In Luke 11:9, Jesus makes a simple promise: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (NIV) It seems funny to say it, but my research involving more than 4000 groups in over 300 churches revealed that what Jesus says is […]


Don’t Change My Small Group!

8 Oct , 2014  


People who love their small group want that group to stay the same forever.  This is true for long-time, mission-minded followers of Jesus just as much as it is for people who are experiencing the power of group for the first time. I was reminded of this last week when one of the most mission-minded […]