What Should We Study Next?

26 Mar , 2015  

What Should We Study Next

If you’ve been in a small group for more than a few months, you’ve probably heard the question, perhaps many times: “What are we going to study next?” It’s usually asked as you turn to the last lesson in your current study guide. This question tells a lot about your group. Here are a few […]


Review: Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus

23 Mar , 2015  

Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus - Boren

M. Scott Boren’s new book, “Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus,” is an essential addition to your small group library! I read and write a lot on the topics of small groups, discipleship, community and spiritual formation. I’m also in the trenches on a daily basis of applying these concepts within the local […]



Ron Wilbur on Small Groups for the Homeless

16 Mar , 2015  

Small Groups for the Homeless

I’m asking the question right now, “What does it look like to minister to the homeless through small groups?” To assist in exploring this topic, I interviewed Ron Wilbur, pastor of small group health at Saddleback Church in Orange County, California. Here are 7 questions and answers about Small Groups for the homeless… 1. Ron, […]


Benny Perez: Presence Driven Groups

12 Mar , 2015  

Benny Perez Presence Driven Small Groups

Are large corporate gatherings the only setting for believers to sense God’s presence and activity in their midst? What if we could see the spiritual impact we experience on Sunday mornings in our small groups? In the video below, Pastor Benny Perez discusses the ways we can build a presence driven culture in our churches. […]


Barriers To Community

9 Mar , 2015  

Barriers To Community

In the last 15 years I’ve talked a lot about community as it pertains to creating it, and cultivating it in the church. I’ve helped churches transition from program-based to cell-based, from a church with small groups to a church of small groups. I’ve witnessed different models such as G-12 groups, Geographical groups and Free […]


Four Simple Steps To Great Small Group Meals

4 Mar , 2015  

Four Simple Steps To Great Small Group Meals

My small group eats a meal together every week. We gather at 6:00pm for food, over which we do our icebreaker and catch up with each other. Then we move to the family room where pray for our friends that need God, study the Bible, worship and pray together, ending about 8:00pm. (We end that […]

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Video: Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus by Scott Boren

26 Jan , 2015  

Leading Small Groups In the Way of Jesus Scott Boren

I just got into my hands Scott Boren’s brand new book, Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus. We will have a full in-depth article review of the book here on SGC in the coming days, but I thought I’d throw up a quick video here and give you a sneak peek at it. […]


You Can Develop a Leader In Your Small Group!

7 Jan , 2015  


Developing A Leader Isn’t An Option! Moses, one of God’s champion leaders, prioritized the development of leaders. That priority was significant for the young nation of Israel, as Moses died just before leading them into the promised land. Moses’ investment into developing Joshua as a leader was a key component of Israel’s success.   Like […]


3 Trends that Break IN-to Biblical Community

16 Dec , 2014  


Why do small groups or cell groups flourish in churches overseas, but sometimes struggle in the American church? In churches outside of the U.S., a groups ministry can be the growth engine of a church compared to a strategy to simply “close the backdoor” here in America. Many have concluded that small groups just don’t […]


The Emerging Leader by Jesus Culture

2 Dec , 2014  

The Emerging Leader by Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture has produced a video-driven, four week group series entitled, “The Emerging Leader: Fruit That Remains.” The curriculum consists of four user-friendly handouts with scripture and group discussion questions alongside four clips of a dynamic message from Banning Liebscher. First off, it’s a huge benefit to have a four week group series to consider. […]